Water Heater Problems Got You Down?

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Water Heater Problems Got You Down?

Are you running out of hot water too soon? Is your water heater taking too long to recover? Is there a pool of water coming from under the tank? No doubt your water heater needs attention. Make note of just what your water heater problems are so when you call a plumber, he will know where to begin checking.

A number of things can cause water heater problems. If your unit is running out of hot water too quickly, there may be a buildup in sediment in the tank. If this is the case, the tank will need to be flushed clean. If your unit takes a long time to recover after hot water has been used, the problem might be with the heating system.

Whether either of the first two problems is present, water leaking from the unit is a problem that needs to be addressed. If the water is cold, the leak may be from the intake line. It could be that the valve or a pipe fitting needs to be tightened or replaced. If the water is warm, it could be coming from the water tank and that could mean the water heater may need to be replaced. A leak can be the cause of the hot water running out too fast or the tank taking too long to recover.

No matter what your water heater problems are, you should contact an experienced plumber to diagnose and fix any problems you have with your unit. Unless you know what you are doing, trying to fix your unit yourself could make things worse. You could end up wasting time and spending more if you trying to fix your water heater yourself. Instead, call on of our qualified plumbers at C-IT-ALL Plumbing. Keep our number, 918-251-3155918-251-3155, handy for all your plumbing needs.

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