The Right Commercial Water Heater for the Right Job

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The Right Commercial Water Heater for the Right Job

Is there really a difference between a commercial water heater and a residential one? Looking at them side by side, you might not think so. Other than size, if the commercial one is bigger than 80 gallons, they look much the same. There are differences, though.

A residential water heater doesn’t get the heavy use a commercial unit does. Commercial water heaters are built to stand up to a greater workload. Even a small business with just a few employees needs a water heater that can handle the greater need for hot water than the average home requires.

Commercial units come in capacities ranging from 10 gallons up to over 100 gallons so businesses can have the right size for the amount of hot water they use on a daily basis. The demand for hot water is constant enough that the units must be able to operate continuously to keep up with the demand. To help keep up with the demand for hot water, a commercial water heater has a higher BTU rating than a home unit and can be set to a higher temperature.

If a business desires it, smaller point of use water heaters can be used for restrooms and breakrooms. This might be the case when hot water at very high temperatures is needed for some purpose such as manufacturing. The point of use units would help keep employees from being scalded by water too hot for direct human use.

If your commercial enterprise needs to install new water heaters, call C-IT-ALL Plumbing at 918-251-3155918-251-3155 and consult with a professional about getting a commercial water heater needs assessment for your business. We can advise you on the right models to supply the hot water you need with great efficiency.

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