Plugged or Slow Drain Interrupting Your Day: Call a Drain Cleaning Service

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Plugged or Slow Drain Interrupting Your Day: Call a Drain Cleaning Service

Plugged or slow drains always seem to happen at the worst possible times. You could be running late for work or an appointment or expecting company. Dealing with your drain can take time and doing it yourself may not even solve the problem. The drain cleaners sold in stores may not be effective on the type of clog in your sink or bathtub and the chemicals in them could damage your pipes.

Rather than take a chance on chemical drain cleaners that can take a long time to work if they work at all, call a reputable plumbing company for professional drain cleaning service. A plumber will know how to determine what is causing the drain to be plugged or slow to drain and deal with it properly.

In the bathroom, hair and soap residue are often the cause of plugged or slow drains. A plumber will know the best way to get rid of it so water drains quickly. The plumber will also be able to clean out a buildup of sediment that settled in the elbow.

Grease is quite often the culprit in the kitchen sink. You might be able to get some of the grease out yourself but chances are there will still be grease in the pipe and it will simply build up again. The drain cleaning service a plumber can provide will have all the grease cleaned out.

Sometimes, the cause of slow and clogged sinks and tubs goes much deeper in the pipes. Tree and shrub roots can grow deep, sometimes breaking into the pipes at a joint. If your problem seems to affect more than one drain, this is quite possibly the problem. To clear this type of problem properly requires the help of a professional.

If you have a plugged up or slow draining sink or bathtub, call C-IT-ALL Plumbing today and ask about their drain cleaning service. Keep their phone number (918-251-3155918-251-3155) handy for all your plumbing needs.

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