Get the Best in Hot Water Heater Installation

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Get the Best in Hot Water Heater Installation

Getting a new hot water heater? Make sure it is installed properly and have a qualified plumber do the installation. Even though it might seem like it would be easy enough to do yourself, especially if it is an electric unit, there is more to hot water heater installation than it appears.

An electric hot water heater just has to be plugged into an electric outlet to heat but there is more to it than that. The water pipes carrying cold water into the tank and the pipes carrying hot water out of the tank to the point of use have to be connected correctly to avoid water leakage. You have to be sure the heating elements work properly as well or the water won’t heat.

A gas hot water heater has its own challenges since gas pipes have to be dealt with. Not getting the gas pipes correctly connected means more than just the unit not heating water. It also means your safety and health are in danger. This is not something you want to try working with yourself. Plumbers are trained in handling gas pipes to install water heaters so it is best to let him do that connection. Your plumber will make sure that the pilot light and the burners function properly so your new water heater functions safely and efficiently.

A hot water heater installation may not cost as much as you might think. It certainly costs less than calling a plumber after a failed attempt at doing the installation yourself. You could find the unit’s warranty has been voided so any future problems will not be covered by it. Hiring a plumber from the start will get the job done right and keep the warranty good. To get the best hot water heater installation, call 918-251-3155918-251-3155 and talk to a plumber at C-IT-ALL Plumbing about your installation.

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