Be Sure Water Heater Installation is Done Right

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Be Sure Water Heater Installation is Done Right

You are replacing your water heater and want to be sure it is properly installed. Though you might be able to install it yourself if it is an electric unit, don’t even consider it if it is a gas unit. With either type of water heater, it is best to have a plumber do the installation.

If your unit is electric, a plumber will make sure all the pipes are connected correctly so it doesn’t leak. He will also make sure the heating elements are working properly. With the installation being done by a professional, the warranty will not be voided. This warranty is something you want to have in place just in case the unit should be defective.

Unlike an electric water heater that just needs to have the water pipes connected and then plugged into an outlet, gas units take more care. A gas water heater installation involves connecting the gas pipes to the unit in addition to the water pipes. To be certain the gas is corrected connected and there are no leaks, someone who knows what they are doing should be brought in. While a water leak may be messy to deal with, a gas leak is dangerous.

Trying to save money doing the installation yourself could very well cost more if you don’t get all the connections done properly. If the connections aren’t right and you have a water or gas leak, you will be calling a plumber anyway. So it makes sense to call a plumber to do the installation in the first place.

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